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Best of crash WRC Finland Rally 2011

The Finnish rally is known for its speed, its jumps and of course its crashes. Here is a little selection of the most spectacular crashes seen around Jyvaskyla those previous years… In 3rd position, Petter Solberg takes out some trees in great style in 2000. Then it’s Dani Sordo with his accident in 2006. And finally, let’s remember the Hirvonen’s crash of last year…
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Huge fireball slams into Jupiter, impact caught on video This is the second time the planet gets it the other one occured back in 2008 or 2009. Asteroid hits Jupiter, impact recorded. This image provided by Anthony Wesley shows an amateur astronomer’s view of Jupiter Thursday June 3, 2010. Wesley said he witnessed a bright flash, upper left, from an object hitting the Jovian surface. The discovery was confirmed by another amateur skygazer in the Philippines. A huge fireball has been spotted on Jupiter in yet another collision from space caught on camera and video by amateur astronomers. The new Jupiter crash occurred on June 3 at 20:31 UT (4:31 pm Eastern Time) and was spotted by skywatcher Anthony Wesley in Australia and fellow amateur astronomer Christopher Go in the Philippines. Wesley’s photos show the Jupiter fireball blazing in the atmosphere of the gas giant planet. So far, no visible scar in the clouds has been reported from the event. Wesley described the event as a “large fireball” on his website, where he posted the photos taken from Broken Hill, Australia. This new impact on Jupiter comes less than a year after a spectacular crash on July 19, 2009, when what scientist now think was an asteroid about 1600 feet (500 meters) wide slammed into the planet. That collision created a massive bruise the size of the Pacific Ocean. [Gallery: Jupiter gets smacked.] It was Wesley, too, who first spotted the July 2009 collision. His observations kicked off an international
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