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DVR D011 Car Dash Camera Review

A review of the DVR D011 car dash camera. MORE INFO BELOW…. Let me explain a pithy comment I made in this video that I must have worded in a way so that it doesn’t translate well or makes me sound flippant or arrogant – this was not my intention. The sentence in question is where I say at the 1 min 7 sec mark “although I’ve been driving for 20 years and I’ve never crashed into anything, so you would have to use it an awful lot of be a very bad driver to get the use out of it that it’s intended for”. People regularly comment, that it’s not down to how I drive, it’s the other drivers…or words to that effect. This is misunderstanding the sentiment that I was trying to convey, so let me elaborate on the message that I was trying to get across. Have you seen those Russian car crash videos on youtube, they are crazy aren’t they. It makes you think that everyone in Russia must be crashing all the time. How about the Worlds Scariest Police Chases….they always show lots of amazing crashes. Some people buy these cameras thinking that in no time they’ll have an amazing car crash video that they can post on youtube or sell to the TV news. However, ask yourself how many crashes you’ve actually seen or been involved in whilst driving. and also ask yourself how many of these crashes happened in front of your car so that a camera mounted on the windscreen would have captured the crash on video. As I say in the video, I’ve been driving since 1989, in that time I’ve seen a handful of
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500000 Views on 5th May 2011 205000 Views on 27th June….Holy shit. 117000 Views on 02 May…. 65000 views 23rd Feb 61000 Views 18th Feb 57000 View, Holllly fuck 54000 Views 10/2/10 46000 Views, I thank you all so much. 4/2/10 @ 2:19, Im not sure if it is fatal or not, but if you know please private message me and i will edit the description so people can know. The song is Numb – Linkin park.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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