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Hulk Gets New Movie Deal, Facebook’s Organ Donors – 05.01.12

Hulk Gets New Movie Deal, Facebook's Organ Donors - 05.01.12

First up, we already know the Avengers is going to be amazing! The summer superhero extravaganza currently sports a 95% fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. What’s surprising is how that success is spilling over in to Hulk territory. Mark Ruffalo has been getting rave reviews for his portrayal of the Hulk and now he’s signed on to portray the angry beast six more times! Hulk smash! Considering the first two Hulk films were some of the most poorly ranked Marvel comic book adaptations, this is a huge underdog win for the iconic character. What do you guys think…will you be lining up for Mark Ruffalo’s next six Hulk movies? Let us know in the comments. Next up, another electric car is breaking all sorts of records, only this one comes from Croatia. The crowd at this year’s Top Marques Monaco were stunned by Rimac Automobili’s Concept One electric car. What’s so stunning about it you ask? Well, the 8000 price tag for one, the limited 88 unit run, maybe the fact that it goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, or its 1088hp engine with 2800 pound-feet of torque. The Concept One also sports specially designed by tires for the car’s drive system, which controls each wheel independently. And its liquid cooled batteries can take you 372 miles on a single charge! And finally, have you run out of things to brag about on Facebook? Well, the social network just introduced a new feature that’ll give you something to feel good about posting. The Organ
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