GTR vs Exige CUP260 vs Gallardo LP560-4 vs 997 Manthley M700 vs IdingPower F460GT

Nissan GTR Lotus Exige CUP260 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Porsche 997 Manthley M700 Ferrari Idingpower F460GT standard GT-R: 3800cc/485hp/60kgrm/1740kgr/semi radial Exige CUP260: 1800cc/260hp/24kgrm/890kgr/semi slick Gall LP560-4: 5200cc/560hp/55kgrm/1500kgr/radial 996 M700: 3600cc/695hp/80kgrm/1550kgr/semi slick Iding F460GT: 4600cc/515hp/48kgrm/1520kgr/slick Video Rating: 4 / 5 Welcome to one of my all-time favorite videos that i’ve created. This is the last of my […]

Advance Auto ZO6 vs Shadow Sports R35 GT-R vs TiRacing Exige vs GT3 RS Vs F360 Modena (HQ) 3/3

3 laps race @ Twin Ring Motegi ZO6. GT-R. Exige. GT3 RS. 360 Modena.

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