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TDU 2 Ariel Atom 300 v 500 track comparison

The Arliel Atom 300 and V8 500 track comparison side by side. The two cars handle very differently and despit the V8 500 being the much faster car, the 300 can still proove to be a horrific supercar killer in the correctly used hands. Personally my advice is to stick with the 30 for road races and sharp corner based races as it sticks more, and pokea round the 500 on longer streches. The Lightening Track is must swifter for the Atom. Filmed on the PS3 using a Dazzle and cables. I will quite happily compair car’s on track side by side. athough my collection is currently only around 37 cars, this does include all 6 hidden wrecks and most of the C and B class car’s. (of own custom colouring) Please, leave me a comment.

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