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The Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0 (PC) – Release Trailer

READ THE THREAD AND SEE ALL IMAGES. ( GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORT SITE. ( How are we now going to make DICE/(EA) understand that we want this? We are going to make it FAMOUS! How? You may ask. I’m going to tell you how down below. Step #1: Make sure that YOU show YOUR support by voting for “The Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0″ @ (The Battlefield team is monitoring this service and will take this in to count IF it has huge support from the community.) Step #2: Make sure that you SHARE this video ( LINK: ) with all your Battlefield friends as well as posting it around the internet. The video includes all necessary information and links about this project. You can also/instead share the thread link if you want (LINK: [] ) And that is all, two easy steps. Pretty simple right? :) My Twitter: My Battlelog:
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