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You are just going to read as we show you the country roads gliding with the brand new Boxster installed with new Direct-injection system engine and PDK dual-Dutch transmission technique. As we all know, our exclusively known as spy photographers are much busy clicking the pictures of the New Boxster – Program Code 981 – which is going to hit the market in 2011. The newest model of Porsche, Porsche Boxster 2012 with the killing looks, stylish body is all set to rule the streets!
If the trend is not too different from the current one, it is symptom. Porsche is currently happy with the styling concept. However, these are altered a bit according to size or proportions. It can be concluded that it will look mostly like the original model car which made chaos in auto show held in 1993 at Detroit. The concept is pretty much the same but is recreated with a slight different design, close to the looks and technique or original car model.

Along the Porsche boxster 2012, Porsche is replicating the next generation 911 on its approach. To be copied from 991 and not 998 – these cars have also been secretly looked on. The 911 is going to be launched in six months, before the boxster. The logic will be complete with the next launch of Cayman in mid 2012. The 2012 Porsche Boxster will be best car to be launched among the trio-launch. The concept is said to be trilogy launch to be completed.
Carry-over engines.

The engines will be unchanged virtually and carried over to the next segment. The boxster, one with the 2.9 liter non direct injection flat six and boxster S with 3.4 liter direct injection flat six are on top with the rating on 255 hp and 310 hp correspondingly. The Cayman and Cayman S were at the rating on 265 hp and 320 hp. Though the numbers are not much differing, there is a small increase in power which will make a difference and is received with applauding. 2012 Porsche boxster will come with above specifications to match with Cayman’s. The series of Cayman and Cayman S are similar to Boxster.

2012 Porsche Boxster, transmissions will also remain the same with a short throw 6 speed manual and the brand new 7 speed dual clutch PDK transmission. This will work very well with the recent model which is obviously, an odd thing to handle manually with steering-wheel mounted indicators or buttons. One can also expect the paddle shifter in the upcoming boxster, unlikely as all-wheel drive model. Prearranged, the Boxster’s transmission will be back of the engine.

New Production Location

This will be regarded as bad news for Finnish Manufacturer Valmet; major sales will be lost to Magna Steyr for the new Cayman and Boxster models. Porsche was one of the customer’s to Valmet. While Boxster will wipe out in 2011, only Cayman 2012 is going to fulfill the gap of loss of boxster with Fisker Karma which is scheduled to go live in 2009 with production. Only saver is for Cayman by fulfilling the space by Fisker Karma’s production.

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