3D printed Camaro rear end diffusor

3D printed Camaro rear end diffusor

This is one of the first Custom design auto parts by 3DPK for Versatile Auto

Versatile Auto did extensive research to find a rear end diffusor for a widebody Camaro unfortunetly none that fit well exist

1 ) They revert to a 3D custom design using 123D design see the image of the design below :

camaro rear end diffusor


2) Once design then few parts were printed to ensure the perfect fit see the image of these parts below :



3) Finally the complete diffusor was broken down in piece size that fit the 3D printer ie maximum 200 mm X 200 mm X 600 mm see the image of the broken parts below



4) then each parts was printed using PLA material at a 0.2mm precision see all printed parts below



5) Finally the part were glued togheter to produce the final mold whom will serve to the production of the rear end Camaro diffusor in carbon fiber or fiberglass see the below image



6) the cast diffusor was than install and paint on the vehicule see the final result below :