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Some cool BMW body kit images:

BMW body kit

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RIOR DESIGN, Exclusive Aerodynamic Body Kits and Wheels.

Prior Design Widebody Conversion for the E92 Non M. This kit will convert your Non-M E92 coupe or E93 Convertible to a M3 Style kit. It is also about 2-3″ wider on each side then the factory E92 allowing you to put some seriously wide tires on the rear of the vehicle. It is perfect for you 335i guys that have more power then the M3s, but cannot fit a wide enough tire to get good traction in the rear. You can easily run a 315 tire and possibly wider with the proper offset on the rear.

The kit includes full replacement front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper and rear fender flares.

This kit may also be fitted to the M3 although it would require modification as it is not an exact fit.

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