Nissan 350z Wheels racing aspect

by HotrodII

Wheels are a critical aspect of racing cars. The simple reason is that they have to be moved in order for the car to be in motion and that requires power from the engine. The lighter the wheel, the easier it is to move. The easier the wheel is to move the more power the car can put down to the ground. Lighter wheels allow for improved fuel economy and are easier on your brakes. In respect to the 350z wheels, they lack in appearance and in performance. Narrow wheels give out and wont allow for higher lateral grip and are heavier then most aftermarket wheels.

Wheels will make or break your car. Flashy wheels can give your car a new look but they will not add to its performance. A wider wheel will fill up the 350z wheel wells fantastically. Having a flush fitment is the ultimate goal for the 350z and it enhances the overall appearance and handling of the car. With lighter weight wheels in the front and at the rear you decrease the vehicles rolling resistance at the wheels. This will allow your car to handle better because the weight distribution is untouched, therefore there is better response from the car.

A friend upgraded his 2005 350z wheels to 18″ x 9″ front and 18″ x 10″ rear Enkei rpf1. We wanted to see the weight savings and the stock 350z wheels with tires at 40 psi came in at a very surprising 45 lbs per wheel. That’s a massive 180 lbs of rolling resistance that the car has to push of the line. Given the manufacture claims a 287 flywheel horsepower and around 240 pound-feet torque. The new wheels with tires and 40 psi of air came in at meager 30 pounds for the front and 32 pounds for the rears, that’s per corner. A total of 60 lbs for the front and 64 lbs for the rear, so lets do some simple math for a second. 60+64=124 total pounds for the new wheels.

Now we take the stock wheels of a massive 180 lbs and subtract the 124 lbs and we get a savings of 66 lbs of pure rolling resistance. This is going to translate into an increase in horsepower, easier on your brake pads, the overall look of the car, and improved fuel savings. These are all reasons why 350z wheels should be replaced.

If you have 350z wheels on your car you probably have bad fuel economy.


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