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Mazda RX8 photos

Article by Darrell F

Mazda RX8: Promises Comfort and Powerful Engine – Autos

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Mazda Motor Corporation has made a noise when it first introduced the Mazda RX8, its latest version of the RX range, in 2001. The company succeeded in attracting the attention of sports car enthusiasts to the RX8 model. According to its press releases, the new version of the RX model is better, more powerful and comfortable than its predecessors.

Truly enough, Mazda RX8 came out with better performance and look. Although it still uses the standard Wankel rotary engine, the RX8 has been enhanced with a 16V Renesis engine. The earlier RX models use 13V rotary engines capable of displacing 1.3 liters of fuel that could yield 237 horsepower. But in the RX8 model, the 16V Renesis engine is capable of producing 238hp at 1.6 liters displacement.

Another distinguishing feature of the Mazda RX8 is its balanced weight from front to rear. The cars weight is almost evenly distributed with almost an even 50:50 distribution on the front and mid-portion. This near perfect balance was attained due to the placing of the engine behind the front axle and the fuel tank in the middle, right before the rear axle.

The RX8